Connect Mouse And Keyboard Via USB

It’s not so fun to have to type adb commands through your computer just to launch apps on the Q, so here are the details about connecting a keyboard and mouse to your Q.

The Q was shipped with native USB keyboard/mouse support, as are most tablets these days, so in theory you can plug most keyboards or mice (or bluetooth keyboard/mouse combos) in and they should work.

Let’s assume we have a keyboard, mouse, or keyboard/mouse combo with a standard USB type A plug, as the vast majority do. The Q has a micro AB connector (which accepts both USB micro A and micro B connectors) since it is a USB On The Go connector. All this may be very confusing unless you’ve dealt with it before, but the bottom line is that you will probably end up using the Q’s USB port in two ways:

  1. Computer with regular USB A port, female –> cable: USB A plug, male -to- USB B plug, male –> Q with regular micro AB port, female
    • This is just a regular USB micro cable
    • This is used for controlling the Q via computer, issuing adb commands, etc.
  2. Keyboard and/or mouse with regular USB A connector, male (or USB A bluetooth dongle, male) –> cable: USB A female -to- USB OTG micro A male –> Q with regular micro AB port, female
    • This is a different cable, and is not very common. You will probably need to buy one. Search for “USB A female to USB OTG micro A male cable” on your favorite electronics site. An example is this one which should work, although I haven’t tried it (I made my own by cutting some USB cables and soldering together the two appropriate connectors, and shorting pins 4 and 5 of the micro USB plug as required by OTG).

I have a Logitech K350 keyboard and mouse combination. A single small dongle plugs into the second USB connector described above, and this wirelessly communicates with both the keyboard and mouse. Many of the special keys work (e.g. volume control, play, pause, home, menu, search, etc). See this page[coming] for information about special keys, or just play around on your own keyboard until you find the special keys that will give you the ability to open menus, search, go home, etc.

Most devices should work. Here is a list of devices that have definitely been shown to work. If your keyboard and/or mouse works without modification on the Q, please comment and let us know.

  • Logitech K350
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