Install A Launcher

CM9 Launcher

This information is copied and pasted from kornyone’s work posted at xda-developers.

Sideload/Install a Launcher, I choose Trebuchet, also from nightly CM9 Doubleshot. adb install the apk, it will work.

adb into the device again, and run:

adb shell am start com.cyanogenmod.trebuchet/.Launcher

This starts Trebuchet, and you now have a Launcher. Not everything works (e.g. wallpapers), but you have it up. If using USB keyboard like I am, ALT+TAB gets you around well. For media keyboards, the Home, Search, Menu, Play/Pause/etc buttons work too.

AOSP Launcher

Alternatively, you can install the Launcher2.apk from an AOSP build. To run it, use:

adb shell am start
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