Remote Control Apps

So far I have found the following remote control apps to work, for using your phone or tablet as a remote control for the Q.

  1. Tablet Remote
    • free
    • Instructions: Download it onto both the Q and a phone or tablet. Make sure both devices are on the same home wifi network. On the Q, open the app and press Setup. Complete the two tasks listed there. Press back. Press Connection. On the phone or tablet, open the app and press Connection. Wait (it can take 60 seconds). First, the bluetooth connection with “Nexus Q” will pop up on your phone. I was unable to get this to work. Wait longer and the Wifi connection with “Nexus Q” will pop up. Press this. When the Wifi button shows it’s connected, press back on your phone, then press Remote, and start using it. Not all of the buttons always do what you’d expect them to, as these are implemented differently by different game/app manufacturers, but it’ll get you around, and the music functions work well. Of course, you had control of the music functions before with the original Nexus Q app but currently that only works on JellyBean whereas this should work on most phones. To disconnect, press the Wifi button again.
  2. Qmote
    • free
    • Instructions: Download onto the Q only and run. Go into your network settings and find the ip of your Q (you may want to set a static while you're there).
    • From any other device launch the browser and navigate to 192.168.x.x:8080 (replace with the ip of the Q of course)
    • Now any device (including iphone, pc, etc) you can manage the music queue, control the lights, and more
    • Download:

The following apps do not work.

  1. (None listed yet, please add some!)
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