Special Keys

It may not be clear on some keyboards how to press “home” / “settings” / “find” / “back” / “play” / “pause”, etc, so this page is to help with that.

The keycodes are listed, and might help someone simulate Nexus-Q specific remote controls. I found the keycodes using the KeyCodes3.exe utility at http://delphiforfun.org/programs/utilities/KeyCodes.htm.

Key function Actual key* Key Code
Back Esc 27
Home Fn+F7 172
Menu Fn+PrintScr** 93
Search Fn+F10 170
Switch apps Alt+Tab Alt=18, Tab=9
Arrow left,up,right,down Arrow left,up,right,down 37,38,39,40
PgUp,PgDn PgUp,PgDn 33,34
Enter/Select Enter 13
Open mail app Fn+F9 180
Open music app Special "Media Ctr" key 181
Play/pause music Play/pause special key 179
Back a track (music track) Back a track key 177
Forward a track Forward a track key 176
Stop music Stop key 178
Volume up,down Vol up,down button 175,174
Mute Mute button 173

*“Actual key” is the key I actually press on my Logitech K350, though some special keys may vary for different devices. You can either hunt until you find it on your keyboard, or download KeyCodes3.exe above and see what your keyboard is outputting.

**This definitely varies by keyboard. On many older Windows keyboards, this is the “Menu” key located usually between the right Alt and right Ctrl. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menu_key)

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