I want to do a factory reset

  • This will wipe everything and restore it to its pristine state.
  • You can do this in Settings > Backup and reset. However if you don’t have access to that, follow the instructions for factory reset in the Nexus Q guidebook.
  • If, like me, you tried that and could never get the circulating purple light, then do the instructions listed in the following bullet point to get you to fastboot, and then repeat all the steps in the page where you rooted your device.

I tried to reboot but it stays on the circulating blue light forever! There is no output to the monitor.

  • Make sure you’re plugged in via USB. Wifi commands won’t work for the following instructions.
  • Boot into fastboot mode (turn power off or unplug the Q, turn power on, then literally as soon as you see the center blue LED go on, put your palm on it (you only have about a second or less to do this, otherwise you miss it and need to power off and on again), hold your palm until the ring lights up solid red. Remove palm, and it stays solid red. Now you are in fastboot mode.)
  • Type “fastboot” at cmd prompt to see all the options you have available. Stick to the commands in this guide if you don’t know what you are doing.
  • Type “fastboot devices” to see that you are connected.
  • Type “fastboot continue”, and it should boot up just like normal. I haven’t figured out why it is sometimes necessary to follow this procedure, but if you know or have a similar issue please edit these steps. Sometimes I’ve had to follow the above steps twice to get it to continue booting.
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